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Navigating & Searching

Key Function SSMS Comment
<Ctrl>+¨ Search Solution Explorer (in filenames) N/A 
F12 Go to definition or implementation N/A Whether you're taken to declaration or implementation depend on if it's implemented through an interface or not.
<Shift>+F12 Find usages N/A ReSharper functionality
<Ctrl>+<Minus key> Navigate backwards N/A 
<Ctrl>+<Shift>+<Minus key> Navigate forwards N/A 


Key Function SSMS
<Alt>+<Shift>+<Arrow keys> Highlight rectangular block +
<Tab> Indent highlighted block +
<Ctrl>+K, <Ctrl>+D Fix indentation for current file 
<Shift>+<Tab> Unindent highlighted block +
<Ctrl>+K, <Ctrl>+C Comment highlighted block +
<Ctrl>+K, <Ctrl>+U Uncomment highlighted block +
<Ctrl>+E, D Format document 
<Ctrl>+K, <Ctrl>+F Format selection 
<Ctrl>+R, R Refactor -> Rename

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